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Liver Embolisation

A neuroendocrine tumour needs oxygen and nutrients to grow. An embolisation is a procedure which blocks blood vessels that feed the tumour. A liver embolisation is a worldwide established treatment for the treatment of liver metastases. There is evidence from clinical trials that an embolisation is successful in controlling the disease related symptoms’ and the growth of tumour.

What can I expect if I undergo an embolisation?

The procedure will require you to stay in hospital up to five nights. You will be admitted one night prior to your procedure. The embolisation takes place under sedation, this will not put you to sleep but will make you feel sleepy and help relax your body to allow you to lie still. A local anaesthetic will them be used to numb the groin area.

After the procedure you will need to lie flat and remain on bed rest for a few hours. Your blood pressure and pulse will be checked regularly and the nurses will check for any bleeding. You will need to stay in hospital for a few more days (usually up to five nights) until the pain and some other symptoms (such as nausea, vomiting and low-grade fever) can be controlled. Once you are ready to be discharged home you will be prescribed pain killers to take with you. Most people recover very quickly after an embolisation.

There will be opportunities for any questions to be answered prior to your planned treatment with your consultant. If there are any other questions or concerns then please contact our administrative team who will be able to deal with any matters and also liaise with the NET doctors and nurses as appropriate.

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