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The WELLNET Unit is located on the 2nd floor of The Wellington Hospital’s South Building. As part of the development of the unit a special lead reinforced room has been built for patients who will be undergoing Radionuclide therapy. Upon entering the WELLNET room you will notice it is no different in appearance from our standard hospital rooms. During your admission by the nursing team you will be advised further about receiving visitors during your treatment.

Depending on the stage of your patient journey and the treatment you require, you may also be seen in the consulting rooms or imaging centre at the Platinum Medical Centre. Over the last couple of months the 3rd floor of The Platinum Medical Centre has undergone a complete refurbishment to become a new inpatient unit for patients undergoing cancer or NETs treatment. Patients benefit from brand new, spacious rooms supported by the latest technology and a multi-disciplinary nursing staff with oncology experience and specialist training.

The oncology service at The Wellington Hospital is designed to support NETs patients and offers support for inpatient treatments, newly diagnosed patients, patients post-chemotherapy, 24 hr clinical oncology emergencies, symptom control and pain control for current patients. A specialist Oncology RMO and a team of specialist oncology trained nurses manage the unit 24/7.

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