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Philippa Davies

Philippa Davies is the senior clinical nurse specialist for neuroendocrine tumours. She has worked within the specialty for 9 years and as a cancer nurse for 17 years. She has a masters in Advanced Cancer Care and her dissertation research was related to diet and neuroendocrine tumours.

Philippa is an active member of the Europe Neuroendocrine Tumour Nurse group and the UK and Ireland NETs committee. She speaks nationally and internationally at conferences and meetings. She is the nurse advisor for the national patient support charity for neuroendocrine tumours, the NET Patient Foundation. She is also the lead nurse at the Royal Free London within the Neuroendocrine tumour unit.

Jorgé Garcia-Hernandez

RN, BSc, MSc

Jorge Garcia-Hernandez, is a Neuroendocrine Tumour Nurse Specialist who has been contributing to the management of complex NET patients since 2009. He has been fully involved in the coordination of NET clinical trials. He has a research interest understanding the psychological profile and consequences of this rare type of cancer especially the relationship between serotonin hormone secreting tumours and depression. He is also actively involved the development of a NET-patient-led support group and enhancing links between patients and their involvement in research as well as fundraising and NET-related discussions. Jorge has been involved with a number of research publications and presentations as well as speaking at both national and international nursing and patient support-group meetings.

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