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When booking your flight it is important to take into account your destination airport. The most accessible airport for the hospital is London Heathrow linked via tube connection or the Heathrow Express. As we are based in Central London, Gatwick Airport and London City Airport also provide good access into Central London with local transport connections or the Gatwick Express providing access into the centre. We can help arrange transport from the airport should you wish.

If you are travelling to Manchester Airport, Liverpool John Lennon or Birmingham Airport then into London please be aware you will need to factor in a train journey of up to 3 hours.

When booking your flight be sure to inform the airline that you will be undertaking medical treatment as this may need to be taken into account for your return journey. It is also important that you advise the airports you will be using on your return that you will have undergone radiation treatment. The WELLNET Unit will provide you with a supporting letter for when you are travelling. Airport scanning equipment can detect radiation at very low levels thus having appropriate documentation will help reduce any difficulties when going through the airport security measures.

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