New Patients

From within the UK

There are a number of considerations you will need to take into account when planning a trip to London for radionuclide therapy treatment. The WELLNET Unit will be able to help support you through this process.

Once your referring doctor has confirmed you have been approved for therapy treatment, a date for admission can be arranged. The WELLNET team will contact you and discuss all aspects of your admission.

Please be aware:

  • Your current medication may need to be adjusted by your referring doctor to prepare your body for treatment.
  • Two weeks after your treatment you will need to have a set of blood tests which will be arranged to take place at your GP Surgery. You will need to continue with regular blood tests, every two weeks for two months after your therapy treatment.
  • Domestic arrangements (such as sleeping next to your partner) may need to be changed for up to three weeks after your treatment.
  • Your referring doctor will be kept fully informed of your care throughout your treatment and will be advised of any tests or scans that will need to be undertaken after your treatment.

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