New Patients


If you live in London or are staying with relatives or friends please ensure you provide the address and a contact number to the Unit on admission. You will need to ensure relatives or friends are aware of the radiation restrictions that may be necessary after you have received your treatment. We will provide you with additional information on this.

If you need to find somewhere to stay when coming to London, it can be an added stress, as you may be staying for a period of time or are unfamiliar with London. Please download our e-booklet  which highlights some of the well-renowned and nearby hotels, and ensures you have access to the best rates possible.

Each hotel was visited and assessed for specific considerations for our potential patients families.

This included:

  • Sensitivity to a variation of cultural requirements, including: diet, privacy and discretion
  • Rooms which catered for wheelchair users
  • Apartments which are available for long-term stays
  • Suite facilities (TV, Wi-Fi access, etc)

In our booklet, you will find information on each hotel, their facilities, where they are located and how you can book your room accessing our special rates.

Please be aware: Preferential rates are subject to change and cancellation policies apply; please check with the individual hotels when booking. All accounts must be settled directly with the hotel companies.

TWH Hotel Guide 2015.pdf

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