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Cleanliness and Quality Accreditation

The Wellington Hospital is registered, licensed, and also regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC): the health and social care regulator for England. We take our responsibilities for infection control very seriously and have implemented a strict infection control regime, as well as a thorough environmental cleaning procedure, which has reduced the risk of infection to very low levels.

The main hospital has also gained accreditation from CHKS, the leading independent provider of quality improvement services to the NHS (National Health Service) and the independent healthcare sector. This accreditation process has enabled the hospital to review and improve its key processes and focus what we do to improve outcomes for our patients. As a result, patient outcomes at the hospital rank among the best for any hospital in the UK.

Radiation Protection

The radionuclide therapy treatments involve the use of a small amount of radiation, which dictates that certain processes and procedures need to be undertaken by the WELLNET team and The Wellington Hospital in order to ensure all parts of the treatment are as safe as possible. As part of our WELLNET team we include a medical physicist who offers support for Radiation Protection.

Medical physicists play an essential role in enabling many different types of radiation to be used for the diagnostic and therapeutic benefit of the patient without danger to the staff or to members of the public. This includes the use of diagnostic X-ray, radiotherapy, radioisotopes, lasers and ultraviolet radiation.

Measurements and calculations of administered radionuclide activities/ doses received by patients and staff, surveys of the working environment, and monitoring of equipment involving radiation are performed by the radiation protection team which is used to provide evidence of good working practice and compliance with the regulatory requirements governing the uses of radiation.

Certain senior medical physicists are designated as Radiation Protection Advisers to advise employing authorities on all matters concerning radiation protection. When new equipment, buildings or updated techniques are introduced, whether in diagnosis or treatment, the Radiation Protection Adviser gives expert advice aimed at achieving an optimal exploitation of advances in radiation science and technology, taking into account not only the possible hazards but also the potential benefits to the patient.

The WELLNET Unit Radiation Protection Advisor is Mr Peter Marsden. All our WELLNET nurses have received radiation protection training by a medical physicist.

Radiation protection overview information obtained from the British Nuclear Medicine Society for further information please visit their website If you would like further information about Nuclear Medicine at The Wellington Hospital please click here.

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